Sunday, January 9, 2011

The blogging begins...

We are having what we call a "snowy day" here in N. Texas. Mainly it means that we see some snowflakes falling from the sky although most will melt before hitting the ground. But I thought...what a perfect day to start blogging. It is chilly out, and I am snuggly warm in my house with a cup of hot cocoa and two sweet puppies at my feet. Indeed, the perfect day to start a blog.

Over the next two months I am going to make new spring items to sell at my spring shows. (More info on the shows once they are all lined up!) I am really excited to start making more than my usual Christmas themed items (nativities, ornaments, Santas...) New items include magnets, brooches, tumblers, crosses, wall pockets etc...

Now all I have to do is warm my hands up enough to get in my non-climate controlled studio and get to making! Wish me luck!

Since I am new to blogging I would greatly appreciate your feedback on what I should post by filling out the short poll on the left side of the page! Thanks!

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