Monday, March 21, 2011

Between the shows...

This past weekend I participated in the CIB. It was a fun show and my Mom and sister were able to help me! If you came by you probably met them. I love corner booths- I think it makes it so inviting!

The next three weeks are my time to refocus between the show I just did and my next show: Indie Genius Bazaar. I have some custom work to complete (2 dish sets, 2 plaques) and I need to replenish my inventory. My mini herb markers have been a big hit! And I have gotten lots of great suggestions about making vegetable markers or additional herbs people want. I will hopefully get some of those made this week as well as the custom orders.
Three weeks to create, dry, bisque, glaze, and then fire full loads in my BIG ol' kiln means I am in for some loooooong studio days but I am up to the least today I feel ready to face it! I will let you know how far I get throughout the next few weeks via facebook. (Did you know it takes 12 hours just to FIRE a load!?! And then I cannot unload it for another 20hrs!! Time gets sucked up in ceramics!)

Quick Reminder: If you haven't already, please be sure to mark your calendars for the Best of Texas Clay reception on March 26th from 5-9 at the Ft Worth Community Art Center. I am going to be at this reception but will also visit a few other galleries that night as well. There is so much great art to see!

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  1. You're booth looks awesome! Congrats on all the sales!