Monday, February 14, 2011

Love bird

This weekend I was in my studio cleaning all my recently glazed pieces in preparation for firing. My husband had opened all our doors and turned off the a/c since it was so lovely outside. It seemed like a great idea until I heard a small scratchy noise. I have to admit I immediately thought it was a mouse but was pleased when I looked around and found a small bird sitting on the trim of my wall! I called my husband in for "critter control" and after an hour of an extremely entertaining and wildly unique bird wrangling technique he managed to get the little bird outside...and my studio remained unharmed except for a few bird droppings. And of course all doors were promptly shut and we opted for opening the screens on our doors for airflow instead!

Although the bird was an exciting edition to the weekend the bigger accomplishment was that I managed to get TWO (count them...two!!) glaze firings done. The second is still to hot to unload but the first came out wonderfully! I will be unloading the second later today.

Catch-all trays!

Mountain of crosses, hearts, and flowers- will be magnets, & brooches

New Button Tumblers


  1. Now I'm imagining a platter with bird footprints across it. Think you could get your little bird to walk across some wet clay??

    I especially like the little blue tray. Will you show us the next load?

  2. Sorry for the delay. I got "lost" in my studio. And yes, photos from the second load on Monday!
    It would have been nice if the bird helped decorate some pieces while he was visiting my studio :)