Monday, April 11, 2011

Earth Day Thoughts

Once a year we are reminded to take care of earth on Earth Day. Lots of us know we need to cut back but we don't for any number of reasons but we all know that we need to take better care of our planet.

I know I am a little ahead of the calendar since Earth Day isn't until April 22nd, but it got me thinking that this year I want to challenge myself to commit to two new actions I can take to cut back on waste. I want one action to impact my studio life and the other in my general life.

So I have decided that in my studio, I am going to use less water. I know, you're thinking HOW? But I will start with the easiest way. Instead of running water while I clean brushes and tools, I will fill a little container with some water and rinse them that way. After all, I don't need my tools to be sterile...just clean and ready for the next project.

And in my personal life I am going to start reusing containers more by buying more in bulk. I already don't put fruit in plastic bags at the grocery store and bring my own reusable grocery bags. But the other night when I was taking out recycling I thought "Wow that is a lot of unneeded cardboard boxes!" The tricky part of this decision is going to be finding a grocery store where I can buy in bulk. I think I will try Fiesta first- rice, beans, etc are all available in bulk. If not, then there is always Central Market...but that makes budgeting more problematic! ;)

Anyhow, so I challenge everyone to choose one new thing that can do to cut back on waste. Choose just one change so you can really commit to it. Baby steps!

You could start recycling, or start a compost, or buy in bulk, or make your lunch every day and reuse your tuperware instead of buying a subway sandwich, or bring your own bags to the store.

And if you are an artist, take this challenge one step further and make a commitment to make a change in your business as well. Of course what you make determines what you can do but I think most of us could make business cards out of old cereal boxes, or package items in reused paper bags.

Pick a small change that you are comfortable with that way it sticks!

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